How Does 9/11 Shaped Our Society

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American Identity Our world has seen many events that have shaped our country today. From wars in Iraq, to WW1 and WW2, to ISIS bombings. People have their own opinion on what they think shaped this country, but I believe it is the attacks on our beloved country. These attacks are what has shaped our country how it is today. Fifteen years ago on 9/11 our world faced a tragic event we wouldn’t soon forget. On 9/11 our World Trade Center that is located in the great state of New York were brought down by Osama BIn Laden and his clan Al Qaeda. This moment in history played a big part in shaping our country today. The attack on 9/11 shaped our country not only by the destroying of the buildings but also by the people we lost in the event. The attack…show more content…
ISIS is a clan formed in Iraq and they despise our country and the muslims located in it. ISIS is also responsible for a lot of bombings we hear about today. ISIS was responsible for a major terrorist attack on Paris a few months ago. Paris was bombed in a hotel and many people killed or severely injured during the terrorist attacks performed by ISIS. Yes the older generation may have seen some of the world wars and may have served in the military but they don’t really know about the current events and breaking news like the newer generation with phones and other technology does. If I were to ask my grandparents about what they think shaped our country i believe that they would say something to do with discrimination or the world wars. Our country used to be full of discrimination and hatred between other races like blacks and whites and others. All races have their own culturistic traits or beliefs. The great size of our country 's ethnic diversity is another big part other than the terrorist attacks that have shaped our country .If you look back on our world 's past times you would notice that many of the battles fought in the civil war were due to the fact that slavery was legal and so was

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