How Does Abigail Accuses Tituba

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Abigail was caught by Parris while she was dancing in the woods but she lies about it so she avoids any trouble. Parris thought that he had saw someone naked running through the woods but he wasn’t sure about it so he questioned abigail about it. She responds to him by saying, “ No one was naked! You mistake yourself” (Miller ). He doesn’t believe that could have been the only thing so he pressures her to confess but she lies again by saying, “ There is nothin’ more. I swear it uncle” (Miller ). Abigail was believed to be telling somewhat of the truth but as we come to find out, she lied throughout to her uncle about what had happened. Many things had occurred while she was in the woods but nobody knew but Betty and a couple other of her…show more content…
She can’t be trusted and never is able to tell the truth about anything that she is involved in. Abigail accuses Tituba of something she never did and wants to make her look bad. Abigail says, “Don 't lie! (HALE:) Tituba, I want you to wake this child. (TITUBA:) I have no power on this child, sir. (HALE:) You most certainly do, and you will free her from it now! When did you compact with the Devil?(TITUBA:) I don 't compact with no Devil!” Abigail knew that soon her "sinful" behavior would come out. It was easy to blame Tituba, since not only was she a slave, but the mysteries of her culture would come to make it seem easy and that she was to blame. Abby cracks, screeching out, "Tituba! Tituba made me do it!" Abby was afraid of getting in trouble for the dancing and spell-casting, so she blames Tituba for doing it. Now, everyone in the room turns on Tituba. Imagine an entire roomful of people bearing down on you, one being your master, and then Reverend Hale, putting tons of pressure on you. Parris threatens a good whipping if Tituba doesn 't confess to witchcraft, and Hale is in her face, demanding that she confess. Then if she does confess, it will be much easier for her; she won 't be punished as
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