How Does Abigail Williams Use Lies In The Crucible

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In the play, “The Crucible” many innocent lives are taken because lies and deceit play a very broad role throughout the entire play. Some Salemnites fake to see spirits to cause others to fear the innocent and get their lives taken to please the fakers. A main character in the Crucible, Abigail Williams uses lying to get her way with the whole town, and to get revenge. Abigail has had an affair with John Proctor who is trying to rid all his sins because he is aware of all his wrongdoings. With Abigail and John’s actions Abigail has a strong connection with John and lies to try and get rid of his wife Elizabeth so her selfish self can have John to herself. “Because I KNOW HER!!” John Proctor addresses this to the council when Abigail is starting back up with her lies. John gives that statement to prove he is aware of his wrongdoings and to trap Abigail in…show more content…
No one was sure who was to hang next and how long the period would last. At the end of the era the council who had been calling the hangings and pressing of Giles Corey had recognized “we’ve made a terrible mistake” taking all those people’s lives. It was all simply to be right and just to God but taking God’s most valuable gift, LIFE it was not good decision making on their part. Unfortunately they realized that at the almost end of the hangings and what not after seeing how many lives were taken. In “The Crucible” the lies, deceit, and mistrust all came from Abigail Williams and the girls she had under her “rule” because of greedy wants and revenge on certain townsfolk. Lies and deceit captured the whole intent of “The Crucible”. Greed played into it as well which lead to mistrust which came from the lies and deceit. In the end no one got what they wanted. Many people felt down because of the decisions that were made in the moments but no one was sure who was really underneath the Devil and who saw what spirit and
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