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What does it take to change the world? It only takes one person to accomplish difficult goals in life, but those birth moms who abort their babies miss this capability that their child could have later in life. Before, abortion was illegal, but after some court decisions, including the Roe v. Wade fight, the U.S. Supreme Court has finalized that in 1973, abortion is legal in all of the states. Abortion now has changed lives over the decades by wasting a life and saying that it was all for good, but nothing “good” can happen when people abort. Believing that abortion is a beneficial matter is pretty tough to think about. First are the side effects that happen when aborting. Birth moms have a chance of death and further birth problems if Moms actually abort. Second is the insane level of picking abortion if birth moms actually think about adoption centers, parents, etc. as an option. It seems to be very selfish to abort without…show more content…
Making abortion illegal would teach common sense to all the 99% of abortions that Mothers do because of low income or that the baby reminds her of something she hated in life. According to much of the evidence proven, abortion waste lives, increases the chances of death for the birth mom, and makes more problems for the birth mom. Yes, abortion is easier than birth, the parent might not afford to care for the baby, and maybe the baby is not appealing to them, but Moms can always give the baby somewhere else. Giving the baby away will not only preserve a life, but also to let that life grow. Who knows, maybe a baby could have changed the world someday, but aborting babies wouldn’t allow that to happen. So, what effects could be done with abortion? A lot can be done with abortion, but abortion does nothing to no one. Abortion is the definition of waste because there can never be anything beneficial towards abortion, and adoption is always an

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