How Does Acid Rain Affect Plant Growth

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Introduction: In this task I will be researching the effect that acid rain has on the rate of plant growth. Acid rain is any type of precipitation with a high pH, with high levels of nitric acids. The reason why I had chosen this topic was because acid rain seems to have a great effect on the effect of plant growth, and plants play a very important role in our ecosystem. Acid rain is a major problem in our environment when we are not able to neutralize the acidity. Research Questions:  What effect does acid rain have on the growth rate of plants in the wetland ecosystem?  What results are expected?  What is your conclusion? Hypothesis: Acid rain will have a negative impact on the plant growth in the wetland environment, this will result in plants dying and …show more content…

 Two of the same types of plants were used, in order for the results to be reliable.  One of the plants was labelled DISTILLED whereas the other was ACIDIC, so the results don’t get mixed.  The DISTILLED plant was used as a controlled variable, where normal spring water was used (pH 7.3)  The ACIDIC plant was the one the experiment had taken place on, this was where lemon water was used (pH 2.0)  Throughout the experiment pictures were taken, so one will be able to notice the colour change on the acidic plants, as it had started to slowly die. With both plants you are able to notice that they had both started to grow flowers, but more the spring watered plant than that on the lemon juice watered one.  The results of the plant growth was recorded to we would be able to notice the amount it had grown, this would be the water compared to lemon juice. Materials needed:  2 pot plants.  Potting soil.  Two of the same type of plant.  2 spray bottles.  Water.  Lemon juice.  Labels.  Marker. Experimental

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