How Does Advertising Affect Children

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Abstract Advertisements comes in multiple ways such as television, radio, newspaper, magazines and billboards. The purpose of advertising is to educate and persuade consumers to keep buying the brand’s products. Different kinds of products has different kinds of targeted audience. Children are easier to be influences compared with teenagers and adults. The easiest way to influences them is through television. Advertiser see children as a great getaways to persuade their parents into buying their products whether useful or not. Many children spend their time watching television at home during their free time. Because of them being easy to influence ads such as food, and toys has targeted children these days. Many parents believe that television advertisements are changing their children behavior. Children demand more of the products they like that has been advertised. According to them, television ads have a lot of impact on children who may ask their parents to purchase the advertised products. Many children these days gets their knowledge from the ads they see everyday. Different ads has different kind of impact towards a child that…show more content…
The constant harass to children, that the adult voice of advertising dictates every moment how a person should be, what one should have and who to look like to be socially accepted. In this way, bit by bit, children start to define themselves by what they have and no longer by who they are. This creates a void inside, that a child attempts to fill with products and services, generally superfluous. It is normal that children tend to show just what is hoped to avoid rejection and loneliness. The more they pursue the use of this mechanism, the more difficult it will be to deprive themselves of the “masks” they have created to deal with conflict. The fact that they rapidly adapt to the concepts, brands and fads imposed by advertising stems from this

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