How Does Aibileen Clark Treat The Maids In The Help

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The Help was written by Kathryn Stockett in 2009. Stockett’s intention of The Help was to address racism in Jackson, Mississippi during the early 1960s. The relationship between a white person and their maid, or “help”, was appalling, in most situations. The maids in this time period were treated inadequately, no matter how laborious their work was in house. During this time, it was very rare for these maids to be treated with respect, even though they assisted in the care of their masters’ children. The maids did not consider this unusual, as they were never respected; they knew nothing other than being treated with disrespect. However, the relationship formed between Aibileen Clark, the maid, and Mae Mobley Leefolt, a young child, was positive. Aibileen was held accountable for the care of Mae Mobley and willingly took risks to teach her about the racial problems…show more content…
As Mae Mobley’s mother verbally abused her, Aibileen took Mae Mobley in as one of her own children. Aibileen once said, “I think it bothers Miss Leefolt, but Mae Mobley my special baby” (Stockett 2). Aibileen concurs that Mae Mobley is not the most attractive, but being “cute” is not the most important characteristic of Aibileen. She values kindness, intelligence, and fairness the most and those qualities are what she tries to instill into Mae Mobley everyday. The things Mae Mobley’s mother teachers her are not just, and Aibileen took it upon herself to make sure Mae Mobley was taught the right way as long as she was around. Aibileen was called to her best in this situation, knowing that she was doing everything in her power for Mae Mobley. She felt obligated to make sure that Mae Mobley knows she was important and loved. Aibileen always told Mae Mobley, “You is kind. You is smart. You is important”(lastname page). Aibileen repeated this to her because she knew Mae Mobley’s mother did not care to say that to
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