Air Conditioning Essay

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The first electrical air conditioning was invented in the year 1902 by an inventor named Carrier, while attempting to control the humidity and heat for publishing company in Brooklyn. The use of air conditioners spread rapidly and has become embedded in a consumer society. over the past few decades the energy of consumption in Saudi Arabia has risen by 35% as a result of using air conditioners in summer, that has inspired me to write this topic. However, the inventing of air conditioner was a huge turning of history and has greatly contributed to produce comfort, improve health, increase efficiency, and raise the overall standard of living. besides it is a great contributor to greenhouse gas. The purpose of this essay is to examine an air conditioning evaluation on…show more content…
It can be significantly decreased airborne disease transmission from an infected patient in the hospital environment as well as being effectively removing allergens from the air and helps people who have Asthma. Furthermore, during summer heatwave, there were increasing in the mortality rate attributed to heart diseases this proportion has dramatically declined because of using air conditioners in homes and workplaces. In contrast, to power air conditioners, the demand of energy has increased continuously in the last decades, which contributed to global warming. In Saudi Arabia for example, around 70% of energy consumption is used to power air conditioners, and the majority of greenhouse gas emission comes from burning fossil fuel for electricity. with the consequences of climate change may also grow the demand in the future. This trend may put further strain on the environment and natural resources. Ultimately, the impact of cooling systems is obviously a serious issue. however, professionals and architects must address it and continue to develop greener effective ways to combat environmental damage and keep indoors
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