Essay On Air Pollution And Climate Change

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roduction The environment serves us three purposes: it’s our living space, our supply depot and our waste repository. But through human existence and activity, the environment is gradually “falling apart.” This essay aims to highlight how air pollution and climate change go hand in hand and how they both influence the global natural environment, society and all of society’s systems.. Air pollution refers to the release of harmful substances into the Earth’s atmosphere, which in turn, has detrimental effects on the natural environment. The air pollution triggers a change in climate, which will be discussed in the next paragraph. Nature and extent of the issue Air pollution has a threatening effect on the ozone layer-which is an invisible layer of gasses that protects the surface of the Earth from harmful ultra-violet radiation. The ozone layer is therefore thinning and…show more content…
Air pollution triggers infections which lead to cardiopulmonary diseases (relating to the heart and lungs), and eventually death. In 2000, air pollution in South Africa accounted for 3.7% of deaths due to cardiopulmonary diseases. (Norman et al., 2010). Air pollution compromises human health and could be said to infringe on the basic human right to life. (Rana,2006). It also affects those with existing respiratory conditions such as asthma. The agricultural industry is also affected by the high levels of air pollution and climate change. The burning of fossil fuels triggers the release of dangerous chemical such as sulphur oxide into the air. Sulphur has detrimental effects on vegetation. Firstly, farmers are reluctant to plant in usual time due to unpredictable weather conditions. So the agricultural process is slowed down. Excessive heat levels, without any rainfall (drought) are not good for plantation because the process will be slowed down or the vegetation will completely
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