How Does Alcohol Affect Teenagers

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Research is a systematic process to collecting of information about a particular subject. Here I am take alcohol and teenager social issue for my research. Alcohol is a very dangerous drug for human being. Alcohol is a social activity, different people drinking alcohol for different purpose. Mostly people drink with friends, because they think that alcohol makes them feel less frustrated. Also, alcohol help to facilitate social interactions with the groups improved their confidence and reduce stress. Some people are drink just because other people are drinking. Curiosity appeared to be the main drivers of teen’s initial engagement with alcohol. When one member of the friendship group introduced to alcohol then that person quickly tell about…show more content…
“I went out less and less so started losing friends and the more lonely I got, the more I drank. “I was violent and out of control. I never knew what I was doing. I was ripping my family apart.” “I was only 16 but my liver was badly damaged and I was close to killing myself from everything I was drinking”. There are numerous negative effects of alcohol on teens. Firstly, alcohol can create emotional problems. Studies show that eighth grade girls who drink are three times more likely to attempt suicide than girls in their grade who do not drink. Moreover, alcohol plays a vital role in antisocial activities, violence and crime. For example “ according to a Home Office survey, 18 percent of young people aged 12-13 in the UK and 28 percent of those aged 14-15 caused damage while drinking. In addition, 10 percent of young people aged 15-15 said that they had got in trouble with the police as a result of drinking.” Secondly, car crashes risks are also related to alcohol. The driving skills of young people are affected by alcohol. Every year around 1900 people aged below 21 who die as a result of car crashes that involve underage drinking. Furthermore, sexual behaviour is affected by
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