How Does America's Criminal Justice System Change

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America’s criminal justice system need to make a change. We are constantly wasting millions of dollars on prison cells that won’t even be needed if they gave citizens who broke the law quick and easy punishments. In our society today many youths are being sentenced harsh punishments due to petty crimes, these harsh punishments include five or more years in prisons. Our criminal justice system is just plain corrupted and unreasonable. Judges show give fast punishments which are less severe to citizens who has broke small laws. If the criminal justice was to change it could possibly discourage criminals and cause crime rate to decrease. The current criminal justice system is causing an uproar in our communities. Many teens are being taken away from their families for years or even a lifetime for making a minor mistake with the law. For example, if a teen has been caught smoking illegal drugs, they immediately taken into custody and could possible face time in prison. They would have to go through a long process to receive their time in prison; if the criminal justice system would give quick and less severe punishments the teen could go on probation and learn from their actions and avoid doing it again. This could possibly make our communities clean, safer, and extremely peaceful.…show more content…
He also believes we should give severe punishments to those who can’t get their act together and just won’t change even after all the less severe punishments given to them. With your help we can persuade the The American Criminal Justice System to give quick and less harsh punishments to our citizens who deserve a second chance. Just like Mark Kleiman I am angry with our criminal justice
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