How Does Amir Change In The Kite Runner

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The kite runner is written by Khaled Hosseini. Khaled was born in Kabul,Afghanistan,and moved to the United states in 1980 to continue his career of writing. The book The kite runner is about a friendship between a servant and a wealthy boy, Hassan and Amir. Sadly Amir friend Hassan gets raped by a group of boys because he’s a hazara and amir is a coward and didn’t help out his friend that affected their friendship causing Amir to try to get them fired by placing money and a watch under Hassan's mattress.Hassan and his “Father” Ali, move out and live on their own. Amir is all grown up and he gets a phone call from a family friend Rahim Khan, to save his best friend son and do good all over again. Characters in the book change a lot throughout …show more content…

He doesn’t wanna get involved so he just walks away and tries to forget what he say wasn’t real or never happened. In the alley scene Amir states “I ran because i was a coward.I was afraid of assef and what he would do to me.I was afraid getting hurt”(Hosseini 77). Armir is afraid of what they would of have done to him if he intercepted.He reveals that he's a coward and that he let Baba and Hassan down because they both knew he could of have done something. The theme Hosseini is trying to reveal is that sometimes you want to do something to help but you just can’t., your afraid and lost and it just leads you to do …show more content…

He becomes a father figure to Sohrab and starts to stand up for others important in his life. In the dinner table Amir tells the general “And one more thing,general Sahib I said.You will never again,refer to him as ‘hazara boy’ in my presence.He has a name and its sohrab” (Hosseini 36). It turns out that his feelings of guilt for his past actions has motivated him to change and become good again as Rahim Khan had said. Amir here is taking courage to stand up to his wife’s father like if sohrab was a son of his own. This is something that Amir couldn’t do when he was younger.And it shows how much Amir had changed and how the events sparked him to become a better person. Hosseini is trying to reveal that after all there is a strong person inside a cowardly person. You just need to find the right moment to spark it up and change for

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