How Does Amir Change In The Kite Runner

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Kai Galia English 1-2 Ms. Abitbol 7 December 2015 The Kite Runner Relationships shape who a person is and becomes. One person may change another's personality just by their actions. In the historical drama The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, the narrator Amir becomes a new person when moving to the Bay Area. Amir’s actions and personality are changed by the new and old people surrounding him in the Bay Area. After moving to the U.S. Amir has to take on new responsibilities because of the people around him. For instance, due to Baba’s cancer Amir has to take care of him. While at their home Amir pleasantly decides to bring Baba,”hot tea and roasted almonds.” and wrap his, “arms around his back.” (161). Amir has to become more responsible, and take on new challenges given to him. He becomes a more responsible man by taking care of his father. It’s something he had never done until he moved to the U.S. Later…show more content…
When Amir first meets Soraya he was nervous, he had been a shy kid, but that had to change. One day at the flea market, Amir was talking to Soraya. He explains,”She blinked. I held my breath. Suddenly I felt the collective eyes of the flea market Afghans shift to us.”(146). By meeting the girl of his dreams, Amir has to step up his confidence and maturity. He wants to impress Soraya, and he wouldn’t have done that without changing his approach and personality. Amir also has to deal with the General and his traditional Afghan style of living. For example, the General doesn’t believe in,”this adoption thing. I’m not so sure it’s for us Afghans.”(184). Amir’s decisions are starting to be countered by others, and he has to stand up for himself. He has to keep his promises, and make sure he doesn’t lose out on his last few hopes. Altogether, the Taheri’s have stepped into Amir’s life and brought him not only new skills, but challenges
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