How Does Amir Create Tension In The Kite Runner

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A feeling of motivation arises from individuals who are striving to fulfill the expectations that are set for them, whether they are real or assumed. They will use any means necessary to avoid being seen as a failure in the eyes of their loved ones, as well as to avoid the feeling of being distinct within society. Through their tenacious persistence they may, in turn, knowingly harm their loved ones. Nonetheless, their genuine desires are clouded by their desire of not wanting to fail the prospects attained by their community. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini suggests that when individuals are motivated to pursue the expectations that are set for them by society and themselves, they will use any means necessary to fulfill these prospects,…show more content…
This perceived expectation causes Amir to create tension in his relationship with Hassan and Baba himself. Through many instances within the novel it is evident that Amir justifies these actions by claiming that he did not want to fail the expectations that Baba set for him. The first instance in which this is shown is when Amir attempts to fulfill Baba’s expectations by taking a common interest in soccer. Due to Baba’s belief that “Real men- real boys- played soccer just as [he] had when he had been young”, Amir pretends to take a liking to soccer. Due to his desire to strengthen his and Baba’s relationship he fakes an interest. However, through many failed attempts “Baba [senses Amir’s} lack of genuine interest”, and tension arises in their relationship. Amir justifies his action of “[faking] interest” by claiming that he did not want to disappoint Baba. Furthermore, when Amir tells Baba of his desire to “major in English”, Baba is disappointed and the tension within their relationship worsens. Baba does not believe that this is “’real work’”, and Amir is in turn unable to meet Baba’s prospects and visions of how “real men didn’t read poetry- and God forbid they ever write it!”. Amir justifies his desire of satisfying his own actions by claiming that in the past his many attempts to satisfy Baba had failed so there was no use in trying anymore. Thus, elucidating how pursuing personal desires can create a strain in the relationships with loved ones. Nevertheless, due to many failed attempts to satisfy them in the past it is futile to waste effort. Additionally, before the kite tournament Amir clarifies his understanding that “winners won”. He believes that in order to completely satisfy Baba’s expectations and become the son he wants him to be, he must win the kite tournament through any means necessary. As a result, his relationship with Hassan is
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