How Does Amir Use Forgiveness In The Kite Runner

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Going through life we must deal with forgiveness from time to time. It can be from forgiving someone for what they’ve done, forgiving myself for something I did, or even being forgiven by someone else for something I did. Either way without forgiveness emotions build up which, will hold someone’s happiness. We witness this a lot in The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, and how forgiveness can be bad if not taken care of or how it can bring people together. Therefore, forgiveness is the key for people to live in peace and happiness. Amir had to deal with pain and pleasure of forgiveness and truly shows the power to affect someone’s life. Forgiveness is hard for many to do which can lead to holding on bad emotions. Forgiving someone isn’t as easy as just saying “I forgive you”. For someone to …show more content…

He was quick to help Ramhim Khan in the beginning to “be good again”. (cite) Amir goes back to the hell of Afghanistan to help rescue the orphan boy Sohrab for forgiveness. Once the boy was safe, Amir could feel forgiveness and move on in his life. He is much happier having a child to take care of that reminds him of his best friend and shows how much he’s grown when he stands up to Soraya’s father. (cite) Amir was never able to stand up for what he believed in but the power and strength he got from finally feeling forgiveness after many years. Amir became a lot more happy and confident. Throughout the Kite Runner we see how hard forgiveness can be for someone to do. It’s the main reason for the plot of the story with Amir. Although from just being hard to do, if forgiveness isn’t done it will keep emotions and guilt with someone into the future. Therefore, for someone to be happy they must be able to forgive, forget, and can move on with what happened. Even with the worst sins, we can still forgive people to help build and maintain relationships. Holding onto bad emotions has nothing good come from

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