How Does Andrew Jackson Relate To Government

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Andrew Jackson, (1829-1837), born on March 15, 1767 between the Carolinas. He was the first President not born of wealth. In addition to his presidency, Jackson was known for his military successes and for laying the groundwork for the modern Democratic Party. Because of his toughness and his will he was given the nickname "Old Hickory." Although he was known as a man of the people, Jackson believed in and promoted slavery and took millions of acres of land from Native Americans. In spite of his popularity, his policies did little to improve the lives of working Americans. In 1796 Andrew Jackson was elected as Tennessee 's delegate to the United States House of Representatives. The next year he was called upon to fill the unexpired term of…show more content…
In 1818, he led an attack against the Seminole Indians and captured Pensacola, involving the United States in conflicts with both Spain and Britain. Jackson claimed that the British were using the town as a base, and he executed two Englishmen for inciting the Indians. His success in Florida influenced Spain to sell the territory to the United States. In 1819 John Quincy Adams completed the purchase of Florida, and in 1820, Jackson was appointed…show more content…
He and Martin Van Buren were responsible for creating the political organization that was the basis for the modern Democratic Party. Andrew Jackson believed the presidency represented the will of the people, and, as such, should have broad authority. He was widely criticized for expanding the power of the presidency. He was known for rewarding his political supporters with government jobs. When asked, he responded by claiming he was replacing aristocrats with the common man. It was Jackson who coined the phrase "To the victor go the spoils," and the spoils system of politics was born. Jackson vetoed more bills than all previous Presidents combined. States Rights was a volatile issue until Jackson threatened to send federal troops into states that would not collect tariffs. Jackson used these monies to close the Second Bank and pay off the National
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