How Does Anne Frank Show Sacrifice

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Anne Frank Essay The three traits courage, compassion, and sacrifice are tough to show and it must of took a lot to survive in this war. Everyone in the annex used these 3 traits but some of them really meant it and showed it more than the others. It all started in 1930 when the war first began. The Franks left their home to go to Mr.Frank's job to secretly hide in the annex upstairs behind a bookshelf, so they could be safe from the Nazi’s. The Franks sacrificed their lives to help Mrs.Van Daan, Mr.Van Daan, Peter Van Daan, and Mr.Dussel. With the help of Miep Gies and Mr. Kraler giving them food and things to help them survive. Sacrifice means to give up something important or valued for the sake of other considerations. Mr.Frank showed sacrifice because he offered his annex to other people and sacrificed his family and his own life to save other people. He could have said no this is for my family only but he didn’t. He sacrificed their lives to help save other people's lives so they wouldn't…show more content…
I wouldn't have two food suppliers i’d have multiple food suppliers but it'd have to be people that I'm really close with. If I had to go into hiding with my family I wouldn't of been sleeping in the dining room and living room. My family would have all the rooms and the company would have the dining room and living room. That's some things i’d do the same and differently if I was in their place as of right now. As I said in my introduction the three traits are very hard to show but some of the characters made it look easy. They showed these traits better than anyone else did. It ended with them all getting found and going to concentration camps. All of them died with exception of one while the war was going on. When the war was finally over the last one alive was
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