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There is much debate over the argument that architecture has an effect on people’s mood. Architects insist that this emotional effect of their work is of utmost importance, while many other people who do not feel this emotional impact think it does not exist or matter at all. To see whether architecture truly does impact people in real life, we can look at the impact of architecture on a story. Architecture uses associations and aesthetic beauty to communicate the mood of a story and details about the characters, while also taking readers to new places. Both buildings and stories are impacted by “associations,” or symbols, ideas, values and events that they remind us of (De Botton p.96). People judge architecture by the associations…show more content…
Stories allow the reader to travel away from any problems they may currently have in this world, and lets them experience a new world where their worries do not exist. In addition to the problems and burdens people experience through tragic events, our surroundings can also affect our mood, and this could result in a tragic situation if we are forced to be in a place that weighs us down. “If one room can alter how we feel; if our happiness can hang on the colour of the walls or the shape of a door, what will happen to us in most of the places we are forced to look at and inhabit? What will we experience in a house with prison-like windows, stained carpet tiles and plastic curtains?” (De Botton). If we are different people in different places, through stories we can be taken to other places that change our mood, make us happier, more adventurous, and lets readers experience another side of themselves. The architecture in novels can take readers to places that allow them to be their best selves when those people are unable to travel there in real life. Stories let people temporarily forget their worries because they take place in a different setting and are able to mentally teleport the reader to a place with better architectural elements, or just a world where all their problems are not

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