How Does Architecture Affect Social Place

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People define spaces of their everyday lives through the key means of architecture. Architecture permits people to express their spaces, place and place themselves within an imaginable community. It also permits people to understand that architecture is defined by its users. This chapter explores man’s being and integration relate to ways man experiences space around him, also to what degree architecture influence this experience. Through these relationships, the topic of integration will be understood better through thorough argument.
It is also important to understand how architecture can influence human behavior and how it could be actively used to enhance social interaction. Three categories that were found to be of importance is communication, interaction, and biases (Durkheim, 2002). Firstly, can architecture act as a communicative tool in expressing cultural and symbolic meanings? Secondly, can architecture influence how people interact with each other? And thirdly, can architecture act as a biased tool that treats certain social groups differently to others. These categories provide us with an understanding of how architecture affects us within our societies (Durkheim, 2002).

3.2 ORGANIZATION OF CULTURE Anthropologists have described a number of different categories of culture and social class. For example, a simple distinction can be made between cultural objects, such as types of
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