How Does Arthur Miller Return To Present The Present In All My Sons

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Question: How does Miller show the past returning to transform the present in all my sons?

The return of the past and its effect on the present is shown by Arthur Miller in the play All My Sons through dialogue, stage directions and the way that the playwright describes the characters and the set. The action of this play is tied to what has happened in the past, we learn through the dialogue and actions of the characters that they are profoundly affected by the actions of their father during the war. Miller criticizes Keller because he didn’t take responsibility for his actions this refers the lack of social responsibility that people had at the time. The action of the play is tied to what has happened in the past, like Larry 's death and Joe 's crime. We see how the actions of the past are affecting the characters through mothers’ dialogue in Act one:
Mother: No more roses. It 's so funny... everything decides to happen at the same time. This month is his birthday, his tree blows down, and Annie comes. Everything that happened seems to be coming back. I was just down the cellar, and what do I stumble over? His baseball glove. I haven 't seen it in a century.”
This conversation between Kate Keller introduces the audience to a
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This can be seen in the neighbors of the Keller family and their pasts, Jim Bayliss and his unfulfilled dreams, Frank and the fact that he didn’t go to war and instead he stood at home and got a family, he stole Lydia from George and he feels guilty about it. Miller does this to make the audience feel more related to the characters and the play to enhance the theme of realism which the return of the past links to. This is also one of the main themes in the play and it describes the way
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