How Does Arthur Miller Use Authority In The Crucible

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People tend to justify their actions, regardless of the outcome. With knowledge of their actions, people misemploy their authority. A remarkable playwright of the American theater, Arthur Miller continues to capture his audience with The Crucible. In the play, Miller portrays several characters, who abuses their authority. However, of the very few, Miller creates a character who makes an important contrast to these corrupt people. The Crucible teaches its readers the true application of authority along with the misuses of it. To begin with, the people of higher social status utilizes their position for their own gain. Parris uses his position as minister to make absurd demands. For instance, he complains that he is underpaid and request for two items: a higher salary and the deed of the meeting house. To argue, he declares that he is “ the Lord’s man in the parish”(1250). Another example of manipulating social authority are the Salem girls. The leader of the group, Abigail Williams, places the fault of her actions on Tituba. Being a slave is to be the bottom of society; Abigail uses this to her advantage. She proclaims as Tituba enters the room, “She made me do it! She made Betty do it!”(Miller 43). Miller shows that Abigail exploits the…show more content…
To demonstrate, she urges Proctor :” No you cannot break charity with your minister…clasps his hand and make peace”(Miller 31). She tries to help Proctor and Parris reconcile, rather than arguing with the others. She listens to both sides properly and tries to bring a compromise. When she is accused, Rebecca confronts the charges upon her. She questions Danforth: “Why, it is a lie, it is a lie; how may I damn myself?”(Miller 140). Even to the end, she stands for her beliefs. Miller shows the importance of Rebecca’s character because it teaches the audience the important lesson of what he believes is the proper way to apply one’s
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