How Does Arthur Miller Use Indirect Characterization In The Crucible

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Arthur Miller used indirect characterization (what characters say about each other) to help prove his point that people will turn against each other to save themselves. Many of the villagers in Salem would call out other villagers to turn the blame onto them in order to redirect the high council in Salem. Furthermore, Abigail Williams was one of the main reasons that the Witchcraft scare even happened in the first place. She wanted to take out Goody Proctor and have John all to herself. She began to accuse people by saying that she saw them with the devil this caused mass panic across the town and made people fear for their lives. Abigail Williams, angry and shouting, “I saw Sarah Good with the Devil! I saw Goody Osburn with the Devil! I saw…show more content…
This made Judge Danforth believe that Proctor had conversed with the Devil. Arthur Miller used indirect characterization again in order to convey Proctors downfall. While defending himself in court he attempts to turn the heat on Abigail Williams, “It is a Whore” (Act 3, Line 345) Proctor tries to enlighten the court on Abigail Williams and her motives. Proctor knows his life on the line so he begins to accuse Abigail Williams to save himself. Arthur Miller called out McCarthy because he knew what McCarthy was doing was wrong. Continuing on, Proctor has still not cleared his name and he is still going after the girls. John Proctor has Mary Warren help him clear his name in court. While in the courthouse, Abigail Williams along with the rest of the girls begin to scream and shriek acting like Mary Warren Had control over them. Proctor realized this and called them out, “They are pretending” (Act 3, Line 332). Abigail Williams false accusations have spread like the plague among the girls. They have ruined the lives of many other villagers for their own personal
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