How Does Atticus Finch Show Courage

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Throughout the book, To kill a Mockingbird, the author displays and defines courage in many different forms. Atticus Finch, a lawyer and a major protagonist of the book, defines courage to be “when you know you’re licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see through it no matter what”(Lee 149). His words suggest that true courage can come from anything, but once it is begun, that idea or object should never be given up on until the end. Atticus Finch shows courage through his will to see through his case and open a path to let litigation prevail. Scout and Jem Finch show courage through perseverance and the will to never falter. Boo Radley and Mrs.Dubose portray courage through physical acts of bravery and mental strength. Everyone …show more content…

The mere fact that Atticus accepted and fought in the court case was an act of courage. He says that real courage is “when you know you’re licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see through it no matter what”(Lee 149). He mentions that just because he is “licked a hundred years before” he started doesn’t mean he cannot win (Lee 101). The fact that he said this shows courage because he knows he is going to lose the case, but that does not tarnish his will to press on until he can no more and save Tom Robinson’s life. During the time period, black people were not equally treated. If white people’s public schools had the same books as a black person’s school, the black person’s book would be in a worse condition. Also, the school would not be able to interchange the books between schools. In Maycomb county and the rest of the southern parts of the US, if a white person accused a black person of a wrong thing, the black person would not be able to refute what the white person said. If a person, regardless of their race, defends a black person, they would be not only shunned from their community, but they would also be called names such as “nigger-lover” along with their families being bullied. Atticus showed courage by proceeding onwards towards the liberation of Tom Robinson as far as he can and by just doing what was …show more content…

Throughout the book, Scout has been a very protective person. Her actions gave an inference that she would do virtually anything in order to preserve peace and keep her family safe from harm. When Scout and Jem went to the county jail while looking for their father, they ran into a predicament. Scout, who was too young, did not understand what was happening at the moment but Jem did. An angry mob formed outside the jail to kill both Atticus and Tom Robinson. Atticus told Jem to take Scout and go home, but Jem understood the situation and for the first time, he proved his courage by defying his father (Lee 203). When Jem would not budge, a man came and grabbed Jem and started to drag him outside when Scout showed courage by defending her brother and attacked the big man. “...He yanked Jem nearly off his feet. Don't you touch him! I kicked the man swiftly. Barefooted, I was surprised to see him fall back in real pain. I intended to kick his shin, but aimed too high” (Lee, 203-204). By defying Atticus, Jem showed courage. Simply saying there, Jem started to sway the mentality of the mob. Walter Cunningham’s father realized that it was not right to bully and then kill someone in front of their child so he retreated. When the mentality of one person of a mob changes,

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