Essay On Asylum Seekers

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This analysis looks at refugees and the social justice issue of Australia’s discriminatory treatment of refugees traveling to Australia seeking asylum. Australia’s current treatment of Asylum seekers includes taking them from an already extremely stressful environment and detaining them in remote detention facilities where they have limited interaction with family and friends. In some instances, this includes children and young people.
The University western Sydney (2016) Theories from Psychology social work draws on most ‘lecture explained that attachment Theory was developed by Bowlby as a framework for explaining the way humans interact with each other and the importance of relationships with a sense of ‘secure attachment’ particularly when the individual is exposed to stressful situations or where they feel threatened and seek a secure base. A very direct connection between attachment theory and Australia’s treatment of refugees comes in the treatment of …show more content…

The universal importance of the relationship between children and their primary care givers is a concept that most of society can relate to irrespective of whether they understand the ‘theory of attachment’ that underpin it. Therefore, framing the discussion of the broader treatment of asylum seekers in the context of treatment of Children and the negative consequences of detention and separation can generate a more compassionate understanding even from those who seek to promote a generally hard-line approach to asylum seekers. There has been significant media attention on the topic which is likely to have influenced the Turnbull governments policy in targeting the end to detaining refugee Children in Australia, although they continue to fund the detention of a number of children in offshore detention centres. (Hasham

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