How Does Autism Affect Social Development

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Autism is known as a disorder of the neural development of a person, which is routinely defined by both impeded communication and social interaction. It is also characterized by behavior that is both repetitive as well as restrictive. All of these signs of autism can be observed in people when they are still very young, usually before the age of 3. This disorder has a reputation for impacting how the brain processes information through changing how both nerve cells as well as their synapses associate and get organized. Because of the aforementioned problems that stem from autism, it is a disorder that clearly creates a lot of lifestyle dilemmas for the person who has to endure this disorder. For one, the social development of a person is highly impacted by autism in a negative way. People with autism have to endure social impediments and so frequently fail to have the normal social intuitions about all the other people they come across. This lack of proper social development is apparent already from early childhood onwards. For example, it starts with autism experiencing infants already showing less attention to stimulus in their environment, reacting less often to their own name than their peers and smiling less frequently than their normal peers, too.…show more content…
It comes as no surprise, then, that people with autism will also have a lifestyle where they will have fewer friendships than their non-autistic peers, primarily since it is challenging for them to make and keep friends. For these people, it is the quality of their friendships and not the number of their friends that establishes the extent of their loneliness. Friendships that are functional, like ones that result in invites to parties, might have an even more profound effect on their

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