How Does Basketball Affect Our Body

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What are the Effects of Basketball to Our Body? “If you don 't do what 's best for your body, you 're the one who comes up on the short end.”-Julius Erving. Basketball is a sport that can change the complex of the body through different effects. Some effects can be positive but it also has negative effects. Basketball player do play physically and it can affect differently to the body and by practicing, it can increase the strength and agility of a player. Basketball is the most the most popular and fastest growing sport in the world. This study will help us know about the different effects of basketball to our body and let readers decide whether can be played or not. I will discuss it by answering the following questions:
1. What are the positive effects of basketball to our body?
2. What are the negative effects of basketball to our body?
3. What are the difference between players and non-players?
4. How can basketball affect us mentally?

Basketball is a sport that has advantages and
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Based on researches, by playing, our skills, techniques and strategies are enhanced, as well as the skills that we need in our daily lives. This sport sharpens our ability to think and react to events around us.
But even with these improvements, we should still consider that the sport we play has negative effects on our health, both mentally and physically. Playing against other people makes us prone to injuries. Because of our natural tendency to compete, we try to exceed what our body could handle.
Basketball also has differences between someone athletic and someone who is not. Physical appearance should be enough to determine whether a person is an athlete or not. The health of athletes is also better than non-athletes because of the exercise we get through
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