How Does Beowulf Show Heroism

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Heroism of Beowulf Throughout the poem of Beowulf he shows heroism in different way, He is someone who has superhuman qualities who embodies the value of his society and who is larger than life. And also someone who defeats something that is bigger than him. To start off, Beowulf meets with the Danes to discuss about this evil monster name Grendel. He is a powerful creature who live in the darkness. Grendel is someone who made his home in hell because the type of creature he is. As some of the Danes sleep Grendel snatches up 30 of them kills them and carries them back to his lair while the blood is leaking from him , he is also the type to only hunt at night when no one see’s him or can hear him. News got around to Beowulf about Grendel so he sailed across the sea to Hrothgar. Beowulf than ask permission to kill Grendel because he feels as if it’s the right thing to do. Beowulf than defeats Grendel and takes his body parts and hangs them up to prove to people that…show more content…
But it is something bigger than the battle with Grendel and Grendel’s Mother. It’s a dragon who has come and is trying to take over his world. He fights the dragon and he has defeated but the wound the dragon had gave him is getting worse. He comes to an end and the last words he says is that he would have wanted to bestow his armor to his son, but he does not have one. The geats bury jewels, gold and treasures in the barrow to honor Beowulf. Twelve of them ride the tomb singing dirges, honoring Beowulf by describing his heroic deeds. As a Result, even though Beowulf died fighting a tough battle he died a hero , why because he did all he could to save his world and others. He was a loyal, courageous and might warrior. He did all the things a hero should do while fighting multiple battles. And of that he has died of Honor to everyone who lived in the Danes. This is how Beowulf showed heroism throughout the

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