How Does Bilbo Change In The Hobbit

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What if someone went on a crazy, dangerous adventure and came back a hero? The book The Hobbit, written by J. R. R. Tolkein, has many universal themes connected to finding out who someone really is. In this book, Bilbo Baggins goes on a journey that would change his life forever. He encounters goblins, creatures, trolls, wargs, spiders, and greed, but not without his friends and his new magic ring. They all venture far away to a mountain, in hope of reclaiming their treasure that has been taken over by a mischievous dragon. Along the way, they overcome many obstacles that threaten their lives and put their trust for one another to the test. Bilbo learns that there is more to him than he realizes and through hard work and dedication, he can accomplish almost anything. Overcoming these problems and learning more about himself helped Bilbo change from an ordinary, self-doubting hobbit into a clever, courage-filled, loyal hero. In the beginning, Bilbo has no desire to go on an adventure of any kind, but he quickly learns about the cleverness he obtains when he is forced to make quick decisions. When Bilbo becomes lost in the Goblin’s passage ways, he finds a ring on the ground and enters Gollum’s cave. Gollum gets his name…show more content…
Bilbo escapes being captured by killing the spider that was attacking him. Bilbo kills the spider with a sword and says, “I will give you a name, and I shall call you Sting” (154). With Sting and his ring, Bilbo sets off to save his friends. Bilbo slips on his ring when he became close to the spiders. He decides to try and lure them away from where they had the dwarves hanging from a tree branch. Bilbo calls the spiders names and sings insulting songs, angering them and luring them away from the dwarves. When Bilbo makes enough distance between the dwarves and the spiders, he goes back to save his friends. Bilbo learns that he has what it takes to change the course of a bad

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