How Does Bilingualism Affect People

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Nowadays, people are facing many issues about bilingual effects on the people.Some people are saying bilingualism affect their life,emotions,ideas and so on ,other people do not agree with this situation .In this essay I will tell bilingual affects on the people.It includes three parts of the essay.Inıtıally, ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬Bilingual provides a new perspective on emotions,new insight,gestures and mimics for people.I can say when one person has got two different languages ,he or she can be affected his emotıons.In the below you will see my three body paragraphs step by step.

First of all, The word of emotions is unquestioning different from language to language. It means that the set of concepts by means of the which the speechmakers of any given language make emotion of their own and
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For example, in Indian culture, parents will sacrifice virtually everything for their son to succeed. In the movie, the poor parents have one air conditioning unit, which they give to their son while he studies. (He goes on to a top technical college and is able to support them.)
Also in the movie, young Indian men put aside their “passions” for a stable job, which they can use to support their families. They have little interaction with women before marriage. Anything non-engineering/medical is looked down upon. And so on.
We all nod, saying “Ah yes, those passion-less Indian automatons” — until we look at ourselves.

To sum up,ın this essay I tried to tell bilingualism affects on the people and bilingualism.In my opinion ,being bilingualism has many advantages for people as well as disadvantages.People’s mother tongue support directly their attitudes,feelings and so on. The most important affect which age you started to learn a new second language.By the way ,I have taken helping other sources for telling very

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