How Does Binge Drinking Affect Teenagers

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Binge drinking can have a serious impact on Teenage society Analyse the risks associated with alcohol use in teenagers Teenage binge drinking is defined as the deliberate consumption of dangerous amounts of alcohol in short periods of time. Alcohol in Australia is legal, easily obtained, perceived as a socially acceptable drug and ingested during many recreational occasions; influencing the high rates of abuse and misuse amongst adolescents. Other influences include peer pressure, experimental behaviour, rebellion and achieving the desired effects of the depressant drugs (loss of inhibitions and sense of wellbeing). Binge drinking ultimately leads to mental illness, unsafe sexual activity and violence. Society requires effective solutions to combat this recurring adolescent issue of substance abuse to minimise economic, social and physical impacts of those aged 15-24. To begin with, adolescents experience rapid physiological growth and binge drinking risks development of mental illnesses. Teenage mental illnesses…show more content…
Alcohol affects reaction time, reasoning, judgement, coordination, self-control and impulse, resulting in decreased ability to resolve conflicts and increasing overall likelihood of violence occurrence(5.5). Consequently leading to brawls, fighting, unethical or aggressive behaviour and outbursts. Statistics present that 1,600 of the 5000 adolescent deaths (under 21) resulting from binge drinking are homicides(6). Binge drinking is heavily associated with violence, linked with the adolescent’s individual temperament, inexperience, intake and unique drug effects. Economical and physical impacts can be deduced when approximately 10,000 adolescent admissions (aged 15-20) experienced forms of physical injury resulting from alcohol in 2008. Their average stay was 4.9 and a mean cost of $19,200 per

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