How Does Blink-182 Influence The Music Industry?

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When I listen to music, I always listened to rock, my dad introduced me to rock when I was little to bands like Guns and Roses, Aerosmith, Nirvana, and many more. In middle school I started to listen to punk rock, and that 's how I found Blink-182. Blink-182 might be the punk rock 's version of the Beatles because of the way that they influenced many bands for years to come, every so often a band comes along that influences an entire generation of young musicians and that 's what they did. Blink-182 set a foundation to punk rock that was followed by many bands, they influenced countless teens and bands. There music is different, it 's unique, and it is well respected in the music industry as it has also been very influential to me and many others.
Firstly there music is different, There style of music is considered as punk rock or even alternative rock. Blink-182 took punk rock and gave it its own new type of polish. They were bashed by critics because of the lack of sophistication in their
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Blink-182 was unique among other bands because the band was interested in writing songs that appealed to their audience and their fans. They never cared to write songs that appealed to adults. The band never really took themselves all that seriously, their lyrics were not very hard to understand and there music could relate to any teeanager. They managed to gain a lot of popularity with their catchy music, and unruly appearance and I think that this is why the band gained so much popularity with youth around the world. I definitely feel a personal connection to the band. I started listening to them once I got into middle school and Haven 't stopped since. They shaped my sense of humor. Or, maybe I identified with them so much because I felt my sense of humor was similar to Mark and Tom 's. If anything I feel an even stronger connection now that I 'm out of school. It 's been a major comfort to see these guys get through their struggles in spite of their successes and

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