How Does Boo Radley Mature

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Scout Grows Up Throughout this novel Scout matures when she and Jem go through the trial about Tom Robinson, and Scout sees how Boo Radley has changed how she thinks about and views people. “I told Jem if that was so, then why didn’t tom’s jury, made up of folks like the Cunningham’s, acquit Tom spite the Ewells?” (Lee 226). In To Kill a Mockingbird Scout transforms from gullible and naive to mature and she starts to get an understanding of what’s happening around her. At the beginning of the novel, scout is gullible and naive. Scout displays these traits when she says, “I once asked Atticus if it had ever had any; Atticus said yes but before I was born” (Lee 9). From this the reader can understand that is very clueless and has a lot of questions about the Radley house since she was born after most things had already happened. Scout learns to not judge people by the things they do. Scout most clearly learns this when she realizes how Boo Radley secretly helps her. For example, when Miss. Maudie’s house catches on fire, Boo came up behind her and put a blanket around her when she was outside, cold. Also, at the end Boo saved Scout from being hurt by Bob Ewell. “Boo was our neighbor. He gave us two soap dolls, a broken watch and chain, a pair of…show more content…
Now, the character is understanding and this would not have been possible without her experiences with the Tom Robinson trial, and Boo Radley. The trials really helped Scout understand how some people in Maycomb county are treated poorly because of their skin color, and she doesn’t think that is right. As for Boo Radley, she now realizes and understands he is actually not a bad person whatsoever. Because Scout learns this lesson it is clear that Harper Lee wanted her audience to understand how everyone person is a human being and should not be treated differently from everyone else, but instead
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