How Does Bradbury Use Metaphors In All Summer In A Day

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In life we can all relate to the feeling of longing for something. In All Summer in a Day, Ray Bradbury’s characters’ lives are clouded with rain and the only see the sun once every seven years. Bradbury uses metaphors, emotions, and repetition to express the sun’s meaning of hope to the main character, Margot, and the children of rocket men and women on Venus. Metaphors and emotions are used to help the reader relate to the connection with the sun. He describes the sun and the rain using metaphors, and uses the children’s emotions to help further the idea. It could be argued that the sun symbolizes patience. Everyone waits in seven years of rain just for a single hour of sun. The repetition of the sun and the rain comes up a lot. It makes the point that it is a big part of their lives. Metaphors, emotions and repetition are used to show that the sun represents hope.…show more content…
“ She knew they dreaming and remembering gold or a yellow crayon or a coin large enough to buy the world with. She knew they thought they remembered a warmness, like a blushing in the face, in the body, in the arms and legs and trembling hands.” This metaphor describes the with hope. When the sun came out the children were filled with joy as they ran around outside. They had spent years waiting for the sun; the sun gave them hope. Metaphors and emotions show the representation of the sun. Also, someone could argue that the sun symbolizes patience. On Venus they wait seven years in the rain just to see the sun for an hour. They have to be patient because the time won’t go any faster. Margot especially has to show patience because she doesn't get to see the sun when everyone else does. Because she was locked in the closet Margot will have to wait another year before she moves back to Earth to see the sun. The sun could also symbolize
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