How Does Brand Awareness Affect Brand Image

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Branding nowadays is used to make over emotional attachment to help products as well as firms. Branding attempts build an emotion associated with involvement, a sense associated with good quality, as well as a feeling associated with intangible qualities that are around this brand name. Branding is much important it is the single most important factor for those companies investing their time and money to improve their branding strategy. The decision for considering brand awareness and brand image as important element is because nowadays we value brand positioning more important than physical product itself. Marketers play with consumers thoughts and register their brands in their mind. Brand Awareness and brand image derived from brand knowledge…show more content…
First, consumer thinks of brand every time while thinking about product category. Raising brand awareness enhances the chances that the brand will be in consideration while looking for product category. Second, brand awareness also effect consumer decision for brands which is in their consideration. Thirdly, by influencing strength of brand association brand awareness effects consumer decision in brand image. As for brand image is concern it is consumers perception and association held in their mind about brand. Brand image results from favorability; uniqueness of the brand and types of brand association customer has about the brand. Brand image consist of association held on prospect mind, although brand associations aren 't positive aspects, but tend to be graphics as well as symbol associated with a brand. With regard to example- The Nike Swoosh, Nokia sound, Film Superstars much like “Lux”, signature bank beat Ting-ting-ta-ding using Britannia, blue color using Pepsi,…show more content…
Brand name recognition would be the chances in which individuals are common about the life along with availability of the products. It is the stage to which in turn customers specifically associate the brand while using the certain product or service. It truly is measured since relation of niche area which includes ex - familiarity with brand. Brand awareness involves both brand recognition and also Brand recall. Brand recognition would be the ability of consumer to recognize before familiarity with brand if they tend to be enquired inquiries this brand as well as if they tend to be proven in which certain brand, when i. e., the customers may definitely separate the brand since acquiring becoming before noticed as well as observed. Though brand recall would be the possible of customer to recover a brand via his / her memory space while provided the goods class/category, requires content simply by in which class as well as getting situation being a indicate. Quite simply, the idea pertains in which customers need to correctly retrieve brand from your memory space while provided a idea as well as the guy can recall the suitable brand when the product or service class can be pointed out. It truly is generally safer to understand a brand in lieu of recall the idea from your memory

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