How Does Brian Grow Up In The Air

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This book is about a boy named Brian flying from New York to Canada to visit his father. however during the flight, the pilot of the small aircraft dies of a massive heart attack and Brian is forced to land the plane. fortunately Brian survives the plane crash, but suffers numbers of injuries. he builds a shelter and gathers supplies but really doesn’t know what he’s doing. but really doesn 't know what he’s doing. after his wounds heal, Brian begins to learn and adapt to his new environment, he starts to recognize whats edible and even start a fire. when things start to look good for brain, bad luck strikes and Brian is attacked by a moose and a tornado wipes out his camp. in the after math of the tornado, the tail of the aircraft surfaces in the nearby lake. he swims to the plane and retrieves a survival pack. among the supplies is a emergency transmitter. in the end,…show more content…
a lot of what Brian thinks he knows a lot about survival, but his knowledge often comes from tv shows and movies. however Brian begins to learn about his environment and matures his survival instincts. he first recognizes his disadvantage in nature, when he begins collecting collecting food and wood. he understands he has to get enough food and wood, not just for the present but also for the future incase he were to ever get hurt or injured. one of the best realizations that Brian figured out while in the wild is that, everything in the wild is constantly trying to eat. this realization pushes Brian to create innovative solutions to gather food. wheater it be weapons for hunting, wood or getting a fish farm going. and as Brian begins to re-invent technology to harvest food around him, readers also recognized that his taste change, at first Brian is content eating berries, later however he craves fish, bird and bigger
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