How Does Bronte Present Injustice In Wuthering Heights

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In the story of Wuthering Heights, injustice is served in one of the main characters which are Heathcliff. Heathcliff throughout the story gets treated badly, especially in his childhood. Injustice is not only served to Heathcliff, but two other main characters as well. In the story, Catherine has been gone for a while and comes back and reunites with Heathcliff and she insults Heathcliff. For example, this conversation between them makes their relationship turn unstable. The consequence of this fight is that later on in the story Catherine goes and marries Edgar and ditches Heathcliff completely due to his status of not being rich. The result of this marriage cause Catherine to die in the future due to her dying during birth and Heathcliff can’t do anything but just watch the newborn from Catherine. Heathcliff love partner dies when they weren’t getting along and he loses one his most beloved person in his life. Edgar is also suffered injustice by his wife dying and his daughter not having a Father or Mother. For example, Catherine dies in giving birth to Cathy, but he gets sick during the story. For example, in the story, once Catherine dies it’s up to Edgar to take care of Cathy, but he ends up getting sick. The consequences of this that Edgar finds it difficult to take…show more content…
For example, during the story, Hareton is treated badly by Heathcliff due to his father’s actions Hindley. The consequence of this is that Hareton is treated poorly especially education-wise. Heathcliff didn’t want for Hareton to get any education and remain dumb for the rest of his life. The effects of having no education for Hareton is that when he tries to approach Cathy, she rejects and makes fun of him for his education. The consequence of this is that Hareton can only watch Cathy going with Linton and he can’t do anything about it. Thanks to Hindley, Hareton is now paying for his actions and that is pure
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