How Does Brutus Caesar Manipulate Rome

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Cassius a talented general and long time acquaintance of caesar whose jealousy grew as caesar 's power grew making him almost god like in the eyes of the roman people , and in the end his jealousy would be his ultimate downfall. How could this single man persuade one of rome 's most beloved and trusted figures to turn on one of his most true friends, and end up killing the leader of rome? “ Well Brutus thou art noble, yet i see thy honorable metal may be wrought from that it is disposed . therefore it is meet that noble minds keep ever with their likes; For who so firm that cannot be seduced?” . Comparing himself to metal worker as he suggests that even the most noblest of men can be manipulated, or bent to his will , furthermore since brutus is a beloved and respected amongst the roman people as well as caesar in particular, he would be the easiest to manipulate because of his patriotic loyalty to rome and the people, on top of the fact brutus is married to his sister. And how he does this is by a few…show more content…
“Because such a man caesar fears will let nothing interfere with his ambition”, whilst lacking personal honor in such a manner that shows him to be a ruthless schemer. seeming in disbelief cassius cannot accept caesar 's rise to power and forces himself to the belief that it is fate to be no more than a form of cowardice, and begins to urge for a more fitting or noble temperament towards life in turn by blaming his and brutus’ submissive frame of mind by implying lack of assertiveness and failure of…show more content…
Whereas cassius may in every sense be very cunning and sly , he fails to realize that what he was carving a path for would lead to the downfall of himself. As fate would have it the thing that would bring cassius down is a case of misinterpretation and ill timing, this is due to the way cassius interpreted the way titinius was
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