How Does Brutus Use Ethos In Julius Caesar

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In William Shakespeare 's play Julius Caesar was killed because people were afraid he would have too much power. He was killed by conspirators. After he was assassinated a guy named Brutus gave a speech immediately after Julius was killed. He wanted to tell the people of Rome the reasoning behind killing him and to calm the people down. After Brutus spoke, Antony, one of Brutus 's friends spoke. He was not allowed to speech bad about the conspirators. His goal then was to try and upset the people and turn them against the conspirators. Brutus first addresses the crowd to calm them down drastically and to explain that if Julius became king, the power could have went to his head and became a bad guy. In his speech Brutus uses logos and ethos. Brutus says many times during his speech that he loves Rome and he would even kill himself if Rome would be better off without him. He said “not that I loved Caesar less, but I loved Rome more.…show more content…
Antony 's speech is contrary to Brutus 's because he deals with the peoples emotions during his entire speech. He says that the thing that killed Caesar was not that he got stabbed but it was because his heart blew up when he seen that his best friend Brutus betrayed him and killed him. Antony talked about how Brutus said that Caesar was very ambitious yet Antony offered him a crown 3 times yet every time he turned it down. Caesar had a lot of integrity. That behavior didn’t seem very ambitious. I feel that Antony had a much greater speech. He was concise with all his words and used them well. He fortified his speech well. He connected to the audience 's feelings and got them on his side. He used ethos very well throughout his entire speech. He spoke in a way to turn the people against the conspirators without flat out accusing them of doing something bad. He was very clever in the way he used his
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