How Does Buck Survive In The Call Of The Wild

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In the famous book The Call of the Wild by Jack London, a constant theme is that adaptability is essential to survival. In the beginning of this well-known book, Buck has a hard transition concerning the way he is treated, which is having freedom, experiencing abuse, and hard labor. At first, he is a pampered “king” at Judge Miller’s estate, where he is free. For example, he can go anywhere on the property and do anything he wants to, anytime. Since this is his first treatment experience, all he knows is freedom. Secondly, he experiences abuse from a human. For instance, he is kidnapped, then beaten with a club. Since that is a new experience for Buck, seeing as how Judge Miller never beat him or physically hurt him at all, this is…show more content…
First, he adapts into being a hunter, which is an activity that brings him happiness. For example, Buck one day kills a dangerous full-grown moose, for the thrill of hunting it. Since Buck learns how to excel at hunting, his life becomes improved, because he enjoyed this certain activity. Second, to live even more happily Buck discovered love for his human owner, John Thornton. For instance, Thornton told Buck to jump off the edge of the cliff that they were near, and he had to be held back, because he would do anything for his beloved owner who saved him from his doomed sled team. Since Buck adores Thornton, his existence is now better and more joyful. Last, once Buck’s tie to domesticity is severed, he morphs into a fully wild dog. For example, he becomes part of a wolf pack, runs with them, and even becomes his wolf brothers’ leader. Since he is happy acting as a wolf - dog in the wild, he can now survive happily in the wilderness, where he was meant to be. In conclusion, in the well-known novel The Call of the Wild, Buck adapts into being an excellent hunter, being able to love, and into being all of the way wild. In the famous classic The Call of the Wild by Jack London, a constant theme is that adaptability is essential to
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