Bullying Academic Performance

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Bullying: Does it affect the academic performance of the students?

Phoebe Prince became the victim of bullying at her high school in south Hadley Massachusetts, after moving to United States from Ireland in 2009. In addition to being a new student, Prince had briefly dated two different boys at the high school. She was subjected to bullying from at least one girl who had previously dated one of the boys as well as her female friends at least one girl was suspended from school for threatening and harassing Prince. But school administrations did little else to stop bullying on January 14, 2010 after suffering continued harassment and an attempted physical assault, Prince went home and committed suicide.

School bullying
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Depression and anxiety is caused by someone with an aggressive behaviour which makes the individual depressed and likely to be lonely. There have been countless reports over the past few years of students committing suicide because of being bullied. Another unfortunate consequence of this is that bullying is cyclical. People who have been bullied can attempt to gain power and get self-esteem back. The impact of frequent bullying often accompanies these victims into adulthood; they are at greater risk of suffering from depression and other mental health problems, including schizophrenia. In rare cases, they may commit suicide (Ericson,…show more content…
Students who have been bullied have a fear of coming to school because they feel unsafe, the environment can also affect the students by giving fear and in a disrespectful way, hampering the ability of a student to learn. Students may feel insecure and tend not to like to go to school very well. Some individuals lose confidence and self-esteem and usually end up being lonely most of the time. The individual may constantly think about the bully which may affect the individual’s concentration and also individuals would always think and repeat the scene when he or she was bullied. The effects of bullying on the bully and the victim can be wide reaching, impacting schoolwork. (Brank, Hoetger, Hazen,
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