How Does Cam Newton's Impact On American Football

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Cam newton was drafted to the carolina panthers as the first pick in the NFL draft.I didn 't really like Cam at first i thought he was to cocky and a jerk sometimes but he proved me wrong and I soon fell in love with Cam as a football player and as a man.Cam came out of high school as a five star recruit,Cam enrolled at the University of Florida as a student athlete.After playing incredible freshman year, Cam ran into trouble with the law his sophomore year, stealing a laptop and disposing of it while trying to stay out of trouble.He was dismissed from the University and played at a community college for a year before coming back to a big time program, this time at Auburn University.Cam had some good years with Auburn and decided to go to the 2011 draft.On April…show more content…
But that’s alright, Cam isn’t worried about whether he’s traditional or not, he’s just trying to make it to the super bowl.As big as his impact is on the field, it is even bigger in the community. Kids across the Carolinas adore Cam, and it’s no secret that he likes kids too. On Thanksgiving, he led a campaign to feed 600 families and worked endlessly until his goal was reached. He befriended a twelve year old boy with stage four cancer and visits him in the hospital, gives him sideline passes, and has even gone up with him to hammer the keep pounding drum before a home game. Cam has even said in an interview that he likes kids even more than adults.Traditional leadership can be effective, that’s an accepted fact. But sometimes unorthodox leadership can get the job done too. Energy, passion, and a slight touch of cockiness can inspire players, the crowd, and people across America like nothing ever seen. Even I, who was skeptical of him at first, have grown to love and respect Cam, enough so to write this
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