How Does Carl Cover Come His Troubled Past

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The friendships Carl makes in wattle beach help him to cover come his troubled past: A bridge to Wiseman’s cove is a novel written by James Moloney. It follows the journey of a young, lonely Boy Carl Matt, His struggles of his troubled past with a disappearing mother, disobedient brother Harley and over worked tired sister Sarah. In the midst of his troubles Carl is lost and unsure of the path he should take craving life and to stop being the emotionless statute he compares himself to. Until one day When his sister Sarah decides it is not her job to care for Harley and Carl so she decides to do what all the other Matt’s have done and leave, Carl and Harley are forced to go and live with their Aunt Beryl in Wattle beach. There is where Carl …show more content…

Skip is Very attached to his barge, he was skeptical of letting Carl work on his barge because Carl was a ‘Matt’ related to the man who killed their only son. “he was standing there, fishing with skip that afternoon, when the Ute hit, Your grandfather killed him” It was too much of a reminder of the pain for skip but with some convincing from Joy Skip finally agrees to let Carl work on the barge “you’ve got a job starting tomorrow morning.” This gives Carl a responsibility to have a job and give him a sense of belonging. This also helps Skip in a way to helping him move on from the past and give the Matt’s a second chance. Skip also taught Carl a sense of confidence and to show him he has a voice, working on the barge raised his confidence immensely and helped him feel live again; “he couldn’t explain to the boy how he loved working on the barge, how live he felt between its rusting sides.” he uses his new sense of confidence to stand up to beryl “he imagined himself on the barge shouting to a driver putting him on the deck in just the right spot. His voice rose.” Without skip he would never have had the self confidence or fatherly figure to do these …show more content…

Justine is a great friend to Carl she really understands what he is going through not only does she provide support for him she also gives him friendship her humor and vibrancy have a positive effect on Carl he begins to lighten up a bit and see what it really means to be a teenager. Justine doesn’t hesitate to ask questions that are hard on Carl this really helps him open up to someone to get some of the weight off his chest. “Is that why you cried? When joy told you how much they needed you. You were trying to hide it but I saw it in your eyes.” Justine has a deep emotional understanding for Carl and it really shows through their friendship, she is there through the ups and downs for him. Carl admires her social confidence and aspires to be as confident as her this gives him a big boost of self confidence

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