How Does Carroll Present Alice In Wonderland

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Throughout the novel, Carroll helps us to better understand the character of Alice. This young, Victorian girl who falls into a rabbit hole and doesn 't understand why she 's there, and how she 's supposed to get out of this topsy-turvy world. Carroll reveals the character of Alice by telling of her journey through the magical place called Wonderland. The first place she arrived at after falling down the rabbit hole, was a dark place, and the first thing she saw was a door (that later leads to the garden). She asks the rabbit what to do, but he just runs away, which causes her to figure things out on her on. After drinking the bottle labeled “drink me“ she begins changing physically into many shapes and sizes, so she becomes frightened, which leads to her crying a pool of tears. As stated by Alice “Dear, dear how queer everything is today; And yesterday things went on just as usual… [I]f I 'm not the same, the next question is, Who in the work am I ?”(24) Rackin says “She…show more content…
The next thing that betters characterizes Alice is the Garden. The Garden is a key feature in the novel, but the only way to understand is to practically picture yourself in Wonderland. Carroll uses the Garden as a way to lure Alice farther into Wonderland. She has to do lots of things to get there, like in chapter one, when Alice tasted the bottle not marked “poison“, which shrunk her to ten inches. ( Carroll 18 ) It 's like a symbol that affects Alice 's thinking process, and when everything comes together it represents the experience of desire, which she has to work to get. When finally making it to the Garden, she realized maybe she didn 't want to be there after all. The Queen was a very rude person, the Queen said “off with her head! Off with -“ and before the queen could finish Alice interrupted with “nonsense“. ( Carroll 93 ) Alice then figured out that this place wasn 't as magical as it seemed. Everything and everyone in the Garden made nonsense comments and did things that
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