How Does Chaucer Present Courtly Love In The Knight's Tale

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Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales contains two comparable tales; “The Knights Tale” and “The Miller’s Tale.” These two tales show contradicting realities of love while exploring how to win someone over. Both stories display more than one man trying to win the attention of a woman. To begin, the love in “The Knights Tale” represents courtly love. This is told by a Knight, who is described as having “had followed chivalry, truth, honor, generousness, and courtesy” (Chaucer 4). The reader automatically feels a since of truth and respect for this story because of the Knights credentials. Not only do we trust the Knight, but he also embraces many qualities of the ideal man. This makes the knight even more likeable to the reader. “The Knights Tale” presents the idea that the only way to find romance is through courtly love. This story describes that the way to win a woman over is through a battle. Nothing is more honorable than risking your life for your true love. A woman is a prize to be won, and the most honorable way to win a woman is in battle, for it shows bravery and perseverance. The woman being described in this courtly romance is Emily. The metaphors used to describe her are sweet and romantic. At first Emily is being compared to roses…show more content…
Whether you try to win over a woman the old fashion way or the foolish way, the chances are high that you’ll end up with hurt feelings. But these stories more specifically tell us that if you want something or someone, don’t let your pride hold you back. Arcite and Palamon risked death when they were seen fighting in the woods, and then once again when they battled for Emily. In addition, Absalon and Nicholas risked being exposed by going after Alison when she was with John. In life and in love you’ll never get anywhere if you don’t take a few risks. After all, it is better to be made a fool than it is to continue pondering what could have
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