How Does Chaucer Tell The Story In The Priest's Tale

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For this project or essay; if you will, I will be talking about humourous tales. " The Nun 's Priest 's Tale", is a humourous tale because Chaucer ridiculed the heroic tale. He turned the tale into a fabliau which means a humourous tale. Chaucer then writes one of his most popular and famous tales, called The Canterbury Tales. This kind of tale is called a mendicant. Mendicant is a type of religious order that taught and ministered to the poor. Chaucer was not afraid to show the true color of the characters that he wrote about in the tale. He was a true man of his word and he wanted to point out what the characters were really about.

A great example is when Chaucer writes about the knight. He gives the knight high praise and tells the readers how brave and kind and heroic he was. Chaucer says in
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"Though so illustrious, he was very wise And bore himself as meekly as a maid.70 He never yet had any vileness said, In all his life, to whatsoever wight. He was a truly perfect, gentle knight. But now, to tell you all of his array, His steeds were good, but yet he was not gay." ( Chaucer, 68-74) Chaucer talk highly praise of him. He tells the readers that the knight was perfect, and he was kind. The knight was very humble and strong and brave. Chaucer is using character development in this tale.

But then Chaucer kind of roasts and calls out the monk in the tale. He really tells the readers what the monk really do in his tale. Some of it is fabliau and some of the tale is mendicant. He says in one of his explanations of the monk, "Although the idea of monasticism is to reject worldly things and to embrace the
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