How Does Child Development Affect Development

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1.4. Analyse how children’s learning and development can be affected by: Personal factors are a child’s genes which influence development and how the brain works. This influences a child’s personality, potential and health which will later be influenced by their environment • Influences before and at birth: genetics, maternal, diet etc. during pregnancy and birth itself can have problems due to the lack of oxygen (cord around the neck) and injuries during birth. • Encouragement: if children are not given the praise and encouragement they need, this will affect their relationships and friendships as they get older and they will have poor attachment this can develop into anxiety, depression and they will lack motivation. • Learning difficulties are also a factor that influences a child’s development. Children with learning difficulties will need extra support with certain areas of development and may develop low self-esteem because they get annoyed with themselves for not being able to do something, such as a simple numeracy problem or read a book. External factors affecting learning and development are likely to be limited access to services and support, but parents and carers may not be aware of this. • Children with ill heath on a regular basis can develop much more slower, this may cause longer term issues such as failure to grow or thrive. • Families who move from different areas and school most of their young life do not have consistency, this could be travelers,
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