How Does Chipotle Achieve Social Responsibility?

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Transparency can be defined as about being open, honest, and responsible in the way someone carries on their business. This mean sharing, to whatever extent possible, fact about the company on how it is set up, how it operates, what is salaries and bonuses are based on and how its workers are expected to treat customers and each other. Transparency important for the long-term health of a company because it is to avoid damage reputation of the business, attract and retain good employees, boost employee morale, trust and loyalty and for longer term business performance and sustainability. Transparency can be included trustworthiness of a company and company relations. It is important for a company to take into consideration and be responsible to the needs of all organization’s employees and other economic agents because it can give serious impact for the future of an organization. The organizations also should run their business ethically in order to earn the respect of others and can be a trustworthy. Any organizations who want to win trust are by providing transparent information, making no secret of their strategies, and being accessible to the wishes…show more content…
However, Chipotle’s leaders believe that the company has engendered greater trust among its customers and this is something that promises to pay huge dividends down the line. For example, managers In addition, the integrity of the company also is important for every business nowadays. It is one of the most sought-after qualities not only of individual employees, but of companies. Integrity in business is very helpful in the ways of build on trust in all business relationship and to get a better reputation for the public
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