How Does Chris Mccandless Lead Himself To The Wild

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In the opinion of Shaun Callahan she states that Chris’s mindset was,”brilliant and ignorant”. Which made her believe that his death was caused by his actions and concept of thinking. Also as to seeing his life having many hardships he endured, the reader sees that his foolish ways drove him to die in the first place. Which can be seen as his up bringing of childhood lifestyle,countless people who cared, but he was quick to ignore and his ignorance of letting himself die in the wild, . Leading himself to the wilderness was somewhat caused by his reliance to prove a point. But to also show that he could have endured more than that. At a young age he showed signs of rebellion and not much discipline to others. To an example Carine McCandless recalls memories of her brother being caring loving towards her but to never follow rules or discipline as many other children would do. From the novel recalls Chris’s ways in school of not listening it teachers and feeling that rules seemed to be overrated. Being the stubborn kid he was, he still had a brilliant side of bringing good grades. Setting apart form his grades he was still a bit ignorant and stubborn for his parents to handle. This somehow was bought throughout his travels with people he met that only wanted to help but he would decline their offer. Throughout the novel, Chris traveled to many…show more content…
Being with this if Chris was to be still alive he would mostly like think of his foolish young adult ways and childhood that caused him to upbring traits that were no good for his travels and life around the people who loved him the most. His ignorance was lead to by his upbringing of family drama, how his death came upon him, and the people who cared for him in which he had no intention of listening to before he stepped into the
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