How Does Civil Disobedience Affect Our Society

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The formal definition of civil disobedience is any act or process of public defiance of a law or policy enforced by established governmental authorities. The term disobedient generally means to defy, or for the "normal" to be disobeyed. The term "normal" from one person to the next may be different. I believe that Freedom of Speech intervenes to a point. When a law is set, it is understandable that that law must be obeyed. However, if someone feels differently, their freedom of speech right, allows them to say so. It is when they take action, that it turns into civil disobedience. One example is if someone or a group of persons have a moral issue with a law or policy. Some people may obey their conscience rather than human law. The important…show more content…
That is actually how it impacts our society today. Opinions are different, thoughts are different, morals are different. The only thing the same, is the laws. We abide by the Constitution of the United States. I don't believe that civil disobedience affects our society either negatively or positively, but both. I believe that our society is affected both negatively and in positive ways. It's truly dependent on the situation in my opinion. An example of a recent action of civil disobedience is the anti-Trump group called Democracy Spring. This was said to be the largest act of civil disobedience of the century. Democracy Spring intended to march across the east coast in order to spark a fire that transformed the political climate in America. They threatened with the words, "Drama in Washington." Democracy Spring demanded that congress listen to the people and take immediate action to save democracy. There were even training sessions held by the leaders of this group for people willing to take the risk of imprisonment and join the rallies and walk. Democracy Spring has a team of pro-bono lawyers in place to represent anyone who was arrested for these acts of civil
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