How Does Civil Disobedience Encourage Change

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Civil disobedience and it's impact on society varies greatly. Those of you can recall the peaceful protests of Martin Luther King. A man who led African Americans to integration and brought each race together. How did he do this you may ask? He accomplished this through civil disobedience.The real question is, does civil disobedience encourage change in a positive or negative way? It is obvious that it changes things for the better. Mr.King was raised during a time of violence and hatred. Those emotions ran rampant in the country. Peace was an idea that had been long forgotten until he led a divided country into unison. Of course there were still cracks and conflicts, but the country mended them for the most part. His actions still reside…show more content…
The problem of segregation and racism would still be very well alive today. Now to prove that civil disobedience is the correct way to go about things, let me reference to you the incidents occuring in Ferguson, Missouri. An African American male was shot by a white police officer and everyone jumps to racism. Could it have been racism? That is quite possible sadly. The community's reaction to the incident was widespread violence and chaos. The protesters destroyed innocent people's property, as well as government property.The national guard was called to halt the protesting but they still continued to resist. If someone were to hurt you or your family, even your property that you worked hard for, your instinct would not be to support their cause. You would support whoever is against it to get back at them in any way you can. That is just human nature. Their violent protests really achieved nothing but the spread of fear and hate. White on black crime did not cease. Racism did not cease. These are sad things to say but as I referenced earlier they fueled a fire that was dwindling
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